Saturday, August 25, 2012

Elijah is gone, he died alone ( Matching Grant)

This past week, I got the most devestating call I think a mother could get in this adoption process. I got the call our son has died. Even now typing this I feel my heart melting and physically hurting for our poor son. No, he was not legally ours yet, but we had him in our hearts. I felt like I could not breathe at that point. I will write more on this in the future because it is so raw still at this moment I can't fully describe the pain that is in my chest. As we looked at each other as a family and tried to decided what to do from there we knew we were suppose to keep going. I feel in my heart that if Eljah could speak from heaven he would tell us keep going mom. Go save another child like you were going to do for me. I am saved now, I am loved now, but there is a child who really needs someone mom and you have the gift to go do it. Don't waste that GIFT!! So we are going on a blind referral next Saturday. We are stepping out in faith and believe God has a child for us. No he will NOT replace Elijah! Elijahs days were numbered, and he will always be our son! But we have been given a GIFT, a gift to be there, to be able to rescue a child, and I can not let that gift waste away or die! I will NOT let another child die alone, like Elijah did! We are still short on funds and a generous donor has offered us a $1000 Dollar matching grant!! What that means is, if you donate $20 it turns into $40 as long as we can make our chip in read $1995!! YOu will see the chip in on this page at the top and bottom of it. WE need this SO BADLY before we leave so we can have it in time to fly! PLEASE, I am Begging you to PLEASE help us DON"T LET ANOTHER CHILD DIE ALONE LIKE OUR SON! HELP US SAVE THEM! Thank you and thank you to our donor!!

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  1. I donated 50.00. My husband is going to kill me but whatever!! LOL!! HOping you get the matching!